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Box art, featuring various characters from the games.

Gitaroo Man
is a rhythm game for the Playstation 2. It was iNiS' first game, made in 2001. A rather different game as well, being a mix of 326's pop art and COIL's varied soundtrack, ranging from rock to reggae to eurobeat. It was remade in 2006 for the PSP as Gitaroo Man Lives!


The game follows the adventures of U-1, a hopeless loser whose main motivation is to win the affections of a girl named Pico. Unfortunately, a boy named Kazuya also has his eyes on her, and is far more capable than U-1 is. One day, his dog Puma decided to teach U-1 the art of Gitaroo, revealing heroic ancestry and a tough series of foes.


The game consists of three "phases": charging, battle and final. For most of the phases, there is a trace line that you must follow with the analog stick, pressing the circle button when an orange bar approaches the center. For guarding, you must press the buttons that come into the center.


Main CharactersEdit

Side CharactersEdit


  1. Metal Header (Opponent: Panpeus)
  2. Flyin' To Your Yeart (Opponent: Flying-O)
  3. Bee Jam Blues (Opponent: Mojo King Bee)
  4. VOID (Opponent: Ben-K)
  5. Nuff Respect (Opponent: Ben-K)
  6. The Legendary Theme (Accoustic) (Opponent: Kirah)
  7. Born To Be Bone (Opponent: The Sambone Trio)
  8. Tainted Lovers (Opponent: Gregorio The Third)
  9. The Legendary Theme (Opponent: Kirah)
  10. Resurrection (Opponent: Emperor Zowie)